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Our Mission Statement

R K Wholesale Tyres aims to consistently fortify our standing as one of the foremost independent tyre wholesaler in the Australasian market.

Our commitment lies in offering top-notch tyres at competitive prices, surpassing customer expectations through unparalleled service and support, setting us apart from competitors.

We will:

  • Pursue a proactive approach to anticipate and meet customer needs effectively

  • Cultivate the most extensive range of high-quality products;

  • Foster enduring relationships with suppliers, involving input in product development

  • Deliver top-tier technical assistance

  • Introduce innovative programs to foster loyalty among key accounts

  • Elevate and showcase the company's image and products

  • Uphold quality assurance and safety programs

  • Minimize operational expenses through economies of scale, implementing best practices, and leveraging technology efficiently

Why this is important to us...

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Our primary objective is to reach the pinnacle of customer satisfaction.


By consistently exceeding customer expectations, delivering quality products, and providing exceptional service, we aim to build lasting relationships with our clientele.


Through this commitment, we aspire not only to meet but to surpass the highest standards in customer satisfaction within the Australasian tyre replacement market.

Company Pride and Belonging

We are dedicated to fostering a company culture that instills pride and a sense of belonging among our employees.

This involves promoting open communication, encouraging teamwork, and providing opportunities for personal development.


By creating a positive and inclusive work environment, we aim to establish a company to which our employees are genuinely proud to belong.

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